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APEX BRS personnel are chosen not only on the basis of their successes, but their ability to understand the psychological makeup of the people that they have employed. To be successful for you our consultants must carefully consider the people we recruit to ensure that those people fit the culture of the company that has requested our services. Hence, we provide you with dedicated, industry experienced recruiters, who not only understand your plight from a HR point of view, but from a strategic business overview as well. Our consultants focus on not only getting you the best person for your vacancy, but the best person to fit with your company’s goals and culture. This level of commitment gives you the best chance of further developing your people and your company.

To further ensure success each completed recruitment assignment is then followed up over 3 months by the consultant. Our consultant’s will liaise with you regularly during this period to ensure the new candidate is living up to expectations, and also to review with the candidate their success in the role. This helps ensure that any problems are quickly identified and rectified and Business and Recruitment Specialists.

Helps you as a company ensure that your new employee is engaged and committed to their new role. This can save you weeks (sometimes months) in discovering which internal motivators trigger excellent results, what management practices these people have responded to in the past, both positive and negative and what drives them to success. Our consultants endeavour to provide you with staff that adapt quickly into new environments, whilst helping you assess their abilities during the first few crucial months of employment.

APEX BRS provides an innovative approach, that focuses strongly on the psychological and cultural make-up of your business to help ensure you really are getting the right candidate for your business not just the right candidate for the vacant role. To help ensure the right cultural fit we also come to you, so we can understand your workplace and see it through the eyes of any potential new employee. We often succeed where other companies fail due to this specific approach. We are dedicated, ethical and results orientated.

Our depth of experience also means that we can also add value from the commencement of an assignment in areas beyond recruitment. We can advise on salary, industry trends and provide market information and feedback to your company. We offer human resource and strategic marketing consulting services. As many of our clients will testify, we provide a true, holistic approach to your recruitment needs, from a results based business perspective.

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